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Cheats "Chicken" plug-in free and open source: the people destroyed the rhythm of the world service

Recently, there has been a chilling news for players of the Jedi Survivor: The "Chicken Eater" plugin may have been open source! According to the information on the Weibo, a plug-in author has already published the plug-in source code of “……
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Cheats XXXXL version of the Jedi survive? 400 people on a desert island can hold up to 1,000 players?

Hello everyone, this is a serious game. I am a serious younger brother. Since the Jedi Survival was hot, many domestic games have been imitating and various kinds of chicken-playing games have emerged one after another. In order to highligh……
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Cheats Chinese and Japanese players join hands to beat the plug and successfully eat chicken

The Japanese game anchor Kun sent a video in front of him to tell the story of his cooperation with Chinese players in the game to eat chicken. It was particularly funny... Group of 3 + "Wild Outer" (Savage) (Originally titled "Strong Chine……
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Cheats Come to the wilderness to eat chicken? Don't go! I don't have a plug-in!

Come to the wilderness to eat chicken? Don't go! I don't have a plug-in! The pandemic of wilderness operations is well known. Even some people ridicule each other with wilderness actions: "After a while going to the wild to eat chicken?" "N……
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Cheats Jedi Survival update BUG: Jingxian 7 row

This morning, Jedi Survival has ushered in a major update. The new version optimizes server network performance, adds PUBG buddy features, adds an emoticon system, added 37 new Steam game achievements, and more. However, this update was met……
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Cheats The "PUBG" new mechanism effectively prevents the plug from being deleted.

Yesterday afternoon, the official blog of The Jedi Survival published a message saying that the new mechanism updated on March 9th could effectively prevent the plug-in, but they said that this feature was removed during non-stop maintenanc……
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Cheats H1Z1 has just announced it will be free, do not solve the plug-in "Jade survival" can go ho

On March 9th, 2018, the H1Z1 production team announced that it had become a free game on Steam. Whats interesting is that the game was just officially announced on March 1st, and the previous three years were the preemptive experience time.……
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