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Jedi Survival update BUG: Jingxian 7 row

03-13 Cheats
This morning, Jedi Survival has ushered in a major update. The new version optimizes server network performance, adds PUBG buddy features, adds an emoticon system, added 37 new Steam game achievements, and more.
However, this update was met with violent tweets by netizens. The first is that the update package has 9.1GB, and downloading will take a long time.
Even more speechless, there are many problems after entering the game after updating. Some players cannot log into the game normally, and even appear to match the situation of 6 rows and 7 rows. There is also a map that has entered 128 people, causing more than 20 people to sit still. The paralysis of the aircraft.
In response to this, the "Weird to survive" official microblogging once again apologized to everyone. At present, the official said the problem has been fixed.

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