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The "PUBG" new mechanism effectively prevents the plug from being deleted.

03-13 Cheats

Yesterday afternoon, the official blog of “The Jedi Survival” published a message saying that the new mechanism updated on March 9th could effectively prevent the plug-in, but they said that this feature was removed during non-stop maintenance because this function has some compatibility issues. . The news that should have given the player hope was buzzing.

The new mechanism of “Getting Out of Jedi” has effectively prevented the plug from being deleted.

"Deadly for survival" has been under increasing pressure recently. At the beginning, it said that there will be no major version update during the year, and the number of online players has dropped sharply in February. In addition, there has been no deterrent to eating chickens, and word of mouth has become worse and worse; Regarding the service, although Tencent announced the news of the agency early, it has not yet been opened. The player has waited for too long and the voice of dissatisfaction is getting louder and louder.

Although this period of time, the game from time to time came a number of new news, such as the 5-person team mode will be opened, there may be snow scenes sent by players, in fact, is not so much to look forward to. Because domestic chicken games have been on the line for a long time.

The new mechanism of “Getting Out of Jedi” has effectively prevented the plug from being deleted.

Even worse, last week's Jedi Survival officially admitted to being a misjudgment for the previous betta fisherman's title Moriyatami, which caused intense dissatisfaction with players who have been mistakenly sealed or mistakenly sealed but not lifted. There are even more rumors of all kinds of rumors about blue britain leaders in China accepting bribes.

The originator of the chicken game "H1Z1" was announced last week on the steam for free, which may cause it to Pert some players.

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