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Tencent announced agent Jedi survival H1Z1 jewelry prices le

11-26 H1Z1

Tencent agent Jedi survival of the official announcement sent out, immediately caused a great uproar, not just for Jedi survival of players is a heavy news for H1Z1 players is also a heavy news, because once Tencent agent Jedi survival, immediately H1Z1 this little player will be further national service Jedi survive preempted! H1Z1 jewelry system suffered a serious blow, a lot of skin instantly fell below the ice price, many H1Z1 players joked: finally everyone can afford the skin!

h1z1 skin

Many thousands of dollars before the firearms skin, and now has fallen hundreds of dollars, and some even have only worth tens of dollars, and have to say now that there is no profit to open the box, even if the good skin was drawn Not worth a few dollars, and there is still the risk of continued decline!

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