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H1Z1 before eating chicken for the year from all the rage, a

12-01 H1Z1


Speaking of now, eating chicken games everywhere, countless Chinese game companies compete for continued proxy rights, including mobile phone development and market occupation, had to remember that almost a year later is also popular in the global game H1Z1.

eating chicken

I remember still in July of this year, when the game eventually reached the online rate of 150,000, was also the major anchor and live have played the game, and now there has been a cliff-like decline, short Almost lost 90% of the players in a few months time, so that no one did not know this time no one knows the game, now seem to become nobody cares.


Speaking of this H1Z1, the earliest start to bring us, fresh feeling than its voice capabilities, more than many international players in this game, you can voice dialogue, as long as people in your vicinity, they are Have been able to receive, so there are a lot of Chinese anchors encountered between foreigners, with a variety of national acclaim and a variety of funny words greeting each other, was also a smart moment, when the phrase saonima has become a lot of people laugh after dinner Vocabulary.

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