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"H1Z1" is free now, old players can be thanked for the package

03-13 H1Z1
Famous "chicken" game originator "H1Z1" production team announced that The game will be held at 2:00 on March 9 which is today officially became a free game, players will be free of charge, after which the game will no longer be registered charges . For players who have purchased this game, the official will send a special "H1Z1 Thanks Package" as compensation.
"H1Z1" is free now, old players can be thanked for the package
The game "H1Z1" is a multiplayer online gun battle survival game launched by the Daybreak company on January 15, 2015. The game is based on the eruption of the zombies virus at the end of the day and the location was selected in the central United States. Players are randomly "born" on game maps to explore and survive on the last days of the city. This game has become a hot global online game because of its integration of team games and real-time voice communication.
"H1Z1" is free now, old players can be thanked for the package
After the game hot, many game companies competing to imitate, have launched their own "chicken" game, there are now more well-known widely touted "Jedi survive: Battle Royale." In the same way, H1Z1 and Jedi Survival: Battle Royale are all prepaid games. Players need to spend about RMB68 for registration. This fee is mainly used to purchase in-game characters. That is, as long as the player pays, the player can have a permanent personal character in the game and play with his teammates. However, for some players, this expenditure will more or less affect their experience.
"H1Z1" is free now, old players can be thanked for the package
Currently, chicken games on the market, more and more pressure "H1Z1" on the user stickiness faces were not small, how to get more new users, they urgently need to address the problem. Today, the "H1Z1" charges for 3 years, for the first time on the path to free, can be seen as a means to restore the market, after all, "Jedi survival" is also charged 98 yuan! However, it should be noted that game companies are always aiming for profit. After registering for free, they will inevitably intensify in-game charges. When earning money from players, they will still make money. Do you think it's free or good? May discuss and discuss!......

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