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Chinese players asked Tencent father microblogging rescue H1

11-05 H1Z1

Open the Tencent microblogging you will find such a thing, that is, the comment area has been occupied by the H1Z1 players, all seeking help Tencent dad H1Z1 message!

Tencent Weibo

Recently, major live broadcast platform can no longer hear the phrase "China No.1" "Eat my Eagle"! It is said that H1Z1 was reported by unknown people, and now the game is banned on the platform. Some players in order to vent their anger, one after another to report the same type of game - Jedi Escape (commonly known as "eating chicken game"), and more players have flocked to Tencent Wegame official microblogging, to help Ma Banting father, and said "I Willing to recharge! "

For the majority of gamers appeal, Tencent wegame also gave a positive response to Weibo:

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