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"H1Z1: Just Survive" and "H1Z1" part-tim

11-05 H1Z1

The "Life and Death", which was just removed from the name "H1Z1," has finally usher in updates. The latest update includes numerous adjustments, including base adjustments, map updates, damage balance, and fixing of the Badwater Canyon.

Developer Daybreak on the official website of the "life and death struggle," the follow-up development is described. "In September 2017, we made a second adjustment decision (after a major decision was to split" H1Z1 "into survival mode and runaway mode.) In the meantime, the" Struggle "update Work, including the upcoming Resolution Ridge update for the test suite, is being developed at the same time and will take weeks to iterate and adjust the core game experience as the new development takes shape. Will be very large, so the test during this period will be very important, we will push the contents of the test as soon as possible for players to experience feedback.

Daybreak also stressed that "players are best considered" life and death struggle "and" H1Z1 "is already two different games, has a completely different direction of development.

In order to enhance the test results, Daybreak also launched the "insider" project, designed to recruit players to take part in the test and collect feedback from the forum players. However, Daybreak does not provide any monetary compensation, only provide game props, gifts and other rewards, in addition to participate in the project player name can be included in the list of developers.

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