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Domestic agent 'Jedi survival' hopeless, eat chicken to be a

11-05 H1Z1

In recent days, a variety of Jedi survive competition after another, part of the competition has even entered the pre-race stage in full swing. But at this moment, the arrival of a message completely for the domestic part of the players lost their thoughts. On the afternoon of the 27th, the official website of the Games Working Committee issued a document saying that due to the bloody violence propaganda in the game, SARFT will reject any vendor or agent that rejects Jedi's survival: a large-scale escaping game and its similar big-boxing game. Producer, agent, live-action escape type related games.

Jedi survival of domestic introduction of hopelessness

Won the 32-week sales champion, the degree of communication between players naturally self-evident. Jedi survival of the type of game as a large fleeing master, the game has been praised by many players. On the one hand shooting game itself is full of strong sensory stimulation, so that players get a huge pleasure, driven them to buy to play this game boutique. On the other hand, the rise of the live broadcast industry has brought about the spread of the Great Escape Game. A lot of people around because I see the anchor playing, so follow the trend of the Jedi survival of this game. Have to say, the live broadcast of major platforms to Jedi survival to a higher position.

Chicken dinner

But the problem is always the problem, the game no matter how good, the dissemination of bloody violence are not desirable behavior, H1Z1 is a vivid example. Review Jedi survival has not yet been introduced, H1Z1 is also popular in the major north-south. Red Army swept the server, so that some foreign players shivering at the same time, this spirit of solidarity has also infected a lot of people. However, due to bloody violence, H1Z1 was banned live, so the Red Army disappeared. Although this Jedi survival eventually come from behind, but also the successful introduction of domestic, the desire to eat local chicken should not be achieved.

The recent games that have already been under way or under planning all indicate that Jedi's eSports is about to get back on track, but if it is not eventually introduced into the country, Jedi's survival is likely to be sluggish and cool like the H1Z1 It's.


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