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PUBG "PUBG" National Service Anti-Plug and Achievement System Adjustment

The online game interface of the Jedi survival national service game lobby was revealed on the Internet. It seems that the Jedi survival national service is coming soon. The odor master who was tortured by the death of the plugger finally s……
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PUBG Every day I indulge in "Jade for survival" I can't extricate myself. Have you thought about the r

Do not know when to start, eat chicken has become a topic for friends to meet. This sentence first originated in the lines of the American movie Decision 21. In the movie, winning a game in the casino can win at least 2 US dollars, and a ch……
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PUBG "Jedi survival" eating chicken hand tour home service computer accelerator sharing what to

The days when the Jedi survived the national service gradually approached, and many players began to get ready to meet. However, before this, no matter whether the national service needs to use the accelerator or not, the current internatio……
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PUBG The Jedi survived the strongest anchor in the mobile game, with 33.6% of the chickens standing at the

Jade survival: stimulate the battlefield genuine mobile game release has been welcomed by the majority of chicken players, more and more chicken players joined the exciting battlefield among the army, of course, which also includes a lot of……
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PUBG "pubg" official: The new anti-plug-in function is valid but there is a problem with compati

Today, PUBG_STEAM announced on the official Weibo that the new mechanism in the anti-plug-in system that was updated on March 9 was effective, but it was removed because of compatibility issues. Microblogging Original: On March 9, we update……
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PUBG Tencent's "Jade for survival, the whole army" spring trial version opens

With the new release of The Jedi Survival of the Whole Army, Tencent announced that Junwu Technology will serve as an exclusive military media for the entire army to attack. Relying on their respective advantages in product innovation, IP i……

PUBG Eat chicken and have a big move? PUBG Announces to Host Korean Professional League

Tencent Sports March 11th According to the South Korean media ZDNet report, PUBG officials announced that they will hold the Jade survival Korean professional league, and in the first half of 2018 to complete the recruitment and initial com……
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PUBG Can be privately ordered? The "Jade for survival" player actually sees himself in the role

[Jedi survival information] As we all know, the role image of The Jedi Survival Battle Royale can be described as varied, and many players have spent a fortnightly effort to have a unique shape, but in the past a player has discovered the r……
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