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PUBG Tencent announced PUBG national dress Chinese name "Jedi sur

DoNews Mutual Entertainment December 1 (Reporter Huang Sheng) Tencent Games Carnival held today, Tencent officially announced the PUBG national service Chinese name "Jedi survival."……
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PUBG Domineering! Tencent promised to crack down on eating chicke

Tencent announced a strategic cooperation with PUBG to obtain the exclusive agency right of operation of "PUBG" in China.……
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PUBG 'Playerunknown's Battlegrounds'No tolerance of cheating 6 da

'Playerunknown's Battlegrounds'No tolerance of cheating 6 days ban 80,000 ID……
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PUBG Eating chicken tour coming soon? Jedi Escape to kill the gam

Nearly half a year of fire eating chicken game more and more fire, a Tencent chicken eating page has been officially open……
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