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"pubg" official: The new anti-plug-in function is valid but there is a problem with compatibility so delete it

03-13 PUBG

Today, PUBG_STEAM announced on the official Weibo that the new mechanism in the anti-plug-in system that was updated on March 9 was effective, but it was removed because of compatibility issues.

Microblogging Original:

     On March 9, we updated the anti-plug-in system and added some new mechanisms.

     Through this update we have confirmed that this mechanism effectively prevents the use of plug-in programs.

[Jedi survival information] However, due to some compatibility issues, we have performed non-stop maintenance to remove this function.

We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced while using the game. In order to start the game client normally, please run the game after running the game update.

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