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The Jedi survived the strongest anchor in the mobile game, with 33.6% of the chickens standing at the top of the single row. Who else?

03-13 PUBG

"Jade survival: stimulate the battlefield" genuine mobile game release has been welcomed by the majority of chicken players, more and more chicken players joined the exciting battlefield among the army, of course, which also includes a lot of anchor. For major anchors, impact on the regional rankings has always been a challenging task. Recently, the live broadcasting company has an anchor named GG丶 who rushed to the first place on the exciting battlefield, and his record is even more shocking to many players.

As you can see from the screenshots, the total number of points for the full democracy broadcast is 4792, which is 200 points higher than the second place. It can be said that it is the first place to sit steadily.

When he scored his record, it was even more scary. He played 371 games this season, ate 125 chickens, and the chicken rate reached a staggering 33.6%, which meant that he played chicken with every game he played in 3 games. ! In addition, GG's KD also came to 7.4, which is already very high. You know, this can be a super high-level segment to stimulate the battlefield. The players he platoons are mostly anchors and passers-by play high. This chicken rate and KD are really exaggerated!

The majority of GG players choose to jump to a large number of people and rich resources in the opening, such as G Hong Kong, the airport, etc. In most cases, he can win!

Have to say, ‘’GG‘ this anchor is really very strong, but fortunately the level of information Jun food, or encounter him is not a game without ah!

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