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'Playerunknown's Battlegrounds'No tolerance of cheating 6 da

11-06 PUBG

'Playerunknown's Battlegrounds'  very popular with players, but "plug-in" is really too much! However, the official has been trying to provide players with a fair game environment. No, "Jedi Survival: The Escape" official Weibo has just announced the progress of anti-cheat game operations team, they ban the use of third-party software that undermines the balance of the game from October 30 to November 4 A total of 80120 accounts, and once again called on players to cherish their own account, maintain a good gaming environment.

'Playerunknown's Battlegrounds'  has quickly won the favor of players since landed on Steam's preemptive experience, but the game is currently subject to the same issues that most shooters share: plug-in problems. As players complain about the plug-in continues to increase, the official again and again stressed their emphasis on the fight against plug-in, from October 13 to November 4 less than a month's time, the game banned nearly 280,000 accounts .

 Compared with the previous 19 days close to 200,000 accounts of the title ratio point of view, "Jedi survival" updated on October 27 new anti-cheat system appears to be more efficiency seems to have improved, but also hope that players can be self-discipline and fair play.


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