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"Jedi survival" eating chicken hand tour home service computer accelerator sharing what to eat chicken computer accelerator

03-13 PUBG

The days when the Jedi survived the national service gradually approached, and many players began to get ready to meet. However, before this, no matter whether the national service needs to use the accelerator or not, the current international service still needs to use the accelerator. This is for many The players who are ready to play the national costume have some embarrassment.

After all, the accelerator is no longer needed after opening the national costume, but at present international service is still needed, and now it is a tangled thing for the accelerator to continue without renewals.

So today, we continue to recommend a permanent and completely free online game accelerator to speed up the BOX.

This accelerator is different from what I recommended before. It is not a closed beta, it is not free for a limited time, it is not a cracked version, but it is a free software.

Accelerated BOX is an accelerator made by a small team of about 3 people in China. It does not require account registration and no member system. It can be used directly after opening. It is very convenient.

However, because the software produced by a small team does not have huge financial support behind it, it may occasionally be unstable, but this is still a very unlikely event. Please do not mind using it.

According to the team, after their calculations, it was found that the profits of all accelerator software that needed to be paid were amazingly high, so they wanted to do something different, and this accelerator was born.

So where is this accelerator downloaded?

You can get a download link.

The compressed package contains an installation package and a folder. The installation package can be installed and installed. The folder is an installation-free version. You can choose either of them. However, when you start the installation version, you need to be careful to choose to run as an administrator. .

Come here today

Finally, I wish everyone, chicken tonight.

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