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Domineering! Tencent promised to crack down on eating chicke

11-26 PUBG

On November 22, Tencent officially announced that it has formally reached a strategic cooperation with PUBG and obtained exclusive agency rights of "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds" in China. In order to give the best game experience to Chinese players, Tencent will cooperate with PUBG to provide technical support for network optimization, server expansion and plug-in attack for "PUBG" national dress to create a positive and positive game atmosphere.

At the same time, Tencent will also work with PUBG to establish a fair, healthy and sustainable ecological system with partners from all walks of life such as live broadcasting platforms, media outlets and Internet service establishments. As we all know, "Jedi survival of" the biggest problem is that the server is not stable enough and plug-in rampant, which many players are very dissatisfied. There is no doubt that Tencent's accession should make a significant improvement in this situation. Recently, Tencent Tencent Game Security Center through the official website again reiterated the determination to combat plug-in.


Tencent said that since March 2017 formally launched, "PUBG" global sales have exceeded 20 million copies, and to break a number of Guinness Book of Records, with the "PUBG" continued hot, plug-in practitioners are also eyeing this Block "Hong 饽 饽", all kinds of plug-in in the game is endless.

From the Internet to see all kinds of ridicule in the game plug-ins, facial expression package can be seen that the game currently exists in a variety of plug-in strange, in addition to the conventional FPS games common perspective, acceleration and other plugins, the recent game also There has never been before plug-in types, such as "rubber man", "gun bigger" and other more exotic types of plug-in, which seriously affect the player's gaming experience.

After obtaining the exclusive license of "PUBG" in China, Tencent Game Security Center will provide technical support for "PUBG" such as external attack. Tencent Game Security Center has more than a decade of plug-in confrontation experience, regardless of RPG, MOBA or FPS and other types have a wealth of counter-technology accumulation.

"PUBG" national service Tencent platform on the line, Tencent will crack down all kinds of cheating in the game, including but not limited to the use of plug-in, mouse macros, malicious plug-in device, "fly", negative games and illegal speech and other acts . We will also rely on past technical experience, combined with offline legal services to protect all players in the "PUBG" gaming experience.

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