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Every day I indulge in "Jade for survival" I can't extricate myself. Have you thought about the reasons?

03-13 PUBG
Do not know when to start, "eat chicken" has become a topic for friends to meet. This sentence first originated in the lines of the American movie "Decision 21". In the movie, winning a game in the casino can win at least 2 US dollars, and a chicken burger in the casino sells for 1.79 US dollars, so if you win, you can have a good meal.
A character in the movie will say a word “Winner winner, chicken dinner!” before each bet, and then the goddess of luck will always be able to care for him to make him win, so this sentence becomes a good luck. And this sentence is really hot, really because of a game.
The title of the game is "Jade to survive: Battle Royale." Each game will have 100 players involved. They will be airdropped over the island of Jeremiah. When the game begins to parachute, everyone will have nothing. Players need to collect resources on the island against other players and survive to the end. When you become the last survivor, the screen will show "Winner winner, chicken dinner!", which is the origin of eating chicken.
The game's popularity is due to its popularity at the time of its launch. Although it said that "the pigs can take off while standing on the air," the flying pigs must have enough strength to win this game. At the right time, the game just hits enough outlets to take off: webcasts and consumer upgrades.
Intoxicating game mechanics
As a game that can be swept away all over the world, you have to say that the game "Jade to survive" is really fun. Whether it is FPS mode or TPS mode, or even the type of Battle Royale mode, it gives an unprecedented gaming experience. After MOBA games have dominated players for 5 years (DOTA1 has already exceeded this time), The next hot game will definitely not be a MOBA game.
The Battle Royale model allows many players to have a fresh, mysterious, and stimulating battle experience. It can be seen from the movies that such a trend can be seen in the movie. The “Battle Royale” of Japan including the “Hungry Games” is Battle Royale type movie. The game of eating chicken is very accurate to control the rhythm of the game is very perfect, for such a lack of story of the competitive game, so that players continue to obtain pleasure, satisfaction, is an important condition to ensure the life of the game.
In addition to the realism of the game, this game is undoubtedly very friendly to the novice, compared to the death penalty that DOTA would lose money after being killed, the death penalty for chicken is very small, nothing more than to open another one. Well, it's still fun to jump 50 times an hour. And during the game, even if you don't jump, have never won a gun and you can't find someone in your footsteps, you can also be satisfied by collecting materials because you never know if the next room will be There will be a 98K and an 8x mirror.
So even if the player lands in a box, he will not hesitate to start the next game. And when the game's death cost is so low, the satisfaction of eating chicken is enormous. It is precisely these reasons that cause players to invest day and night in the parachuting and delivery process. Whether you are a blasphemy or just a gun king, you can find fun in this game in your own way without being angry with death or failure.
Webcasting and Games Socialization
In addition to the excellent quality of the game itself, the rise of the live broadcast culture has also brought viral outbreaks to the spread of chickens. The type of game with this type of explosive and stressful performance can be combined with live broadcasting. No matter whether it is a technical anchor or a funny anchor, it can attract players to watch through this game.
For large and small game anchors, the live broadcasting threshold of this game is far lower than the previously popular LOL and DOTA. For many audiences, what game skills and high-end operational awareness is learned during the live broadcast are far less than those of the host's mistakes and overturning. This has also led to many famous anchors broadcasting “The Jedi Survival Battle” during the entertainment time.
The broadcast industry’s contribution to the spread of chickens is enormous. A large proportion of players are watching live and play games first, and the tensions and errors brought about by live broadcasts also attract a large number of jokes. The original male players who do not play games are even younger sisters. The number of players and viewers has increased, and social attributes have also been indirectly attached to this game.

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