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Eat chicken and have a big move? PUBG Announces to Host Korean Professional League

03-13 PUBG

Tencent Sports March 11th According to the South Korean media ZDNet report, PUBG officials announced that they will hold the "Jade survival" Korean professional league, and in the first half of 2018 to complete the recruitment and initial competition of the eSports team. By then, there will be as many as 36 Jedi eternity eSports teams participating in the first professional league.


In the first half of 2018, the "Jade for survival" Korean professional league (PKL) will adopt the tournament system. According to the schedule of the game and the size of the prize, there are three levels of competition, namely Pro Tour, A Tour and B Tour. The teams participating in this professional league will be assigned according to the strength of their respective teams and will be eligible to participate in the global competition. In addition, amateur-level teams will also participate in A Tour and B Tour competitions to gain the opportunity to compete with professional players.

ZDNet said that adopting such a system can create a more healthy and stable competitive environment for the players, allowing contestants to reduce their stress and fatigue in a single day in a relatively long season, so that they can fully use their own skills in the competition. Strength and level.

The PKL professional league recruitment for professional teams will continue until March 22, when the blue hole company will select 36 teams from the registration team to participate in the competition, and requires contestants must be at least 18 years old, with the ability to go abroad Identity, and owns the title of "The Jedi Survival" game account.

In addition, Blue Hole will also screen the team's qualifications in terms of sponsorship, stability, past experience, and operational capabilities. There can be up to two sister teams in the same company name. Each team must have 4-6 players to ensure the stability of the participants.

It is worth mentioning that the number of foreign players in each team can only be two at most, and overseas teams that are not operated by Korean companies can also apply to participate in this PKL.

The teams participating in this professional league must sign a reasonable employment contract or sponsorship contract with the players. During the competition, according to the performance of the team, the 12 teams ranked at the end after the first half of the game will be again subjected to the review of professional team qualifications.

It seems that this PKL professional league has strict requirements for both players and team qualifications. Although the recruitment of the current team has not yet ended, it can be predicted that the authority and the gold content of this competition will attract many well-known domestic and foreign players and teams to participate.

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