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Tencent's "Jade for survival, the whole army" spring trial version opens

03-13 PUBG

With the new release of “The Jedi Survival of the Whole Army,” Tencent announced that Junwu Technology will serve as an exclusive military media for the entire army to attack. Relying on their respective advantages in product innovation, IP incubation, and content production, the two sides launched a series of in-depth cooperation in brand marketing. Together with the series of materials featuring tactical encyclopedias such as "Block: All-Army Attack", program collection game link and modern classic warfare, the game will be used by players to explain the application of modern warfare in the game. This will undoubtedly increase the number of games. The players' interest in the game makes the game more connotative.

It can be seen that the cooperation between Tencent Games and Junwu Science and Technology is not only a cross-border marketing but also a model for the in-depth cross-border cooperation between the first-line mobile game and the new media since the chicken game was popular.


"Chicken-eating game" is undoubtedly the hottest game this year, and "The Jedi Survival of the Army" has detonated a whole-people chicken-fighting craze from the beginning of the on-line. At present, the new version of "Solar Strike for All in the Army" is officially launched. The Tencent Tianmei Studio Group has a better experience for the players in the visual and enjoyable shooting of the screen. Through more detailed function optimization, Shenzhuang Tianmei has increased its training. Sniper elites, cold weapon warfare, and Jedi training are four new games. They have made careful pisions of different players and strive to create even more exciting chicken games for all.

The traditional military games play a key role in gameplay with the goal of defeating the enemy. Players experience only the joy of the picture and feel in the game. They do not integrate patriotic themes with national defense education.

Nowadays, "eat chicken" is one of the most popular game categories in China. Through strong alliances with military experts and military self-media, it embodies modern military culture and promotes the popularization of national defense education. Not only played a role in the convergence of the two, so that national defense education can be further landing, players can also meet their own potential needs.

The military and military technologies that have always been famous for content production and military marketing will inject new marketing methods into this game. As the "military and military sub-surface" of the production side, military and military science and technology in the degree of refinement of the program has always uphold the spirit of the craftsman, to provide military enthusiasts with the most intimate and interesting, most military cultural network programs.

In the special program "Taking seats: All-Army Attack" tailored for Tencent's "Chicken Eating", Junwu technology is hand in hand with famous military expert bureau Zhang Zhaozhong from modern tactics, weaponry, sand table, tactical encyclopedia, and real-life combat. Classes and other perspectives are pided into 6 episodes to explain the military knowledge in the game to the players in a humorous and easy-to-understand manner.

In order to make the content of the program more attractive, Junwu Technology will not only provide consistent exquisite presentation methods and powerful game screen commentary. The Bureau also combines game tactics with 36 gauges to combine modern classic combat cases such as the Gulf War with American military theories, allowing players to truly experience and gain something in the game. Therefore, whether it is single combat or multiplayer operations, the best way is to adopt the tactics of attacking the west in 36 tactics. This will not only best protect themselves, but also eliminate enemies in the game and explain the way through this actual combat. Enhance the player's military qualities.

With popular news, cutting-edge high-tech, and new military dynamics as the starting point, in addition to the seat of Zhang Zhaozhong and various cross-border players, the game features high interactivity and entertainment, and the unique and novel program form of “Junwu Base Camp”. Attracted a large number of fans sought after.

It is understood that in order to produce this series of special programs, the film crew and the former French special forces Wu Xinlei and the Russian goddess of military enthusiasts made a special trip to Taiwan to shoot a parachuting video in order to use all possible means to bring the virtual scenes of the game into reality. In the program, through the on-site explanation of the special forces Wu Xinlei, the players can really gain something in games and programs.

Skilled production and accurate presentation methods are matched. Strong products are performed by a professional hardcore team and will inevitably collide with stronger sparks. I believe that this cross-border cooperation, the voice of military and military technology will allow the game to get more extensive attention and radiation.

Plus Military IP Join Hands with Tencent to Lead Mobile Games

In the age of social networking, high-quality IP has often become a powerful tool for brand diffusion. It can be said that high-quality IP will lay a solid foundation for brand communication. If there are some “sentiments”, styles and hot events attracting, it will be able to arouse everyone’s emotional resonance.

In an experience similar to this, Junwu Technology hosted the largest war reenactment in China in 2016. In contrast, "The Jedi Survival of the Whole Army" is a virtual scene. "War reenactment" is a realistic scenario. It is precisely based on Tencent launched a genuine chicken player tour "Jade Strike for the whole army attack" inherited the IP spirit and Junwu technology perfect association, will inevitably continue to deepen the emotional contact IP brings to fans.

In November last year, Tencent’s “Call of Duty OL” game sent more than a dozen Chinese players selected by game players to Russia for a “field military operation” that became a special occasion. This became a topical event for army fans and game fans. The performance of the Chinese players’ team over the Russian military enthusiasts was known to the military media matrix network with more military enthusiasts. The activity photos were quickly circulated in major military forums and game player communities and achieved quite good communication results.

This "Strong our country's prestige" campaign also caused a lot of players and military fans to discuss the show in the "Army Force Base Camp". Different forms of cooperation have also aroused mutual expectations for more cross-border cooperation.

Past experience of success will be the cornerstone of the new cooperation peak: This time the two sides will join hands together again and again, not only will they become familiar but will also do a better job in further exploration and preparation. At the same time, as far as the content of the last cooperation is concerned, we can look forward to linking online and offline again to achieve the linkage of relevance and the opening of the dimension. To expand more military resources and make military designs that are related to “chicken-eating” and that are more hard-core, in order to make people more heated and shocked.

In the tactical competitive and military fan market where users are highly coincident, based on the deep understanding and thinking of this user, the whole army attack will be linked with military and military technology, or will accurately cover a wider user community; this strong alliance will also be a tactical strategy. Competitive Tournament to dig out the promotion channels and marketing methods to broaden new ideas.

As a well-known self-media group in China, Junwu Technology has become the most popular online military program with its two most-popular programs, "Nanwu Noodle" and "Army and Military Base Camp". In 2016, the Junwu Technology team and the chief Chinese military commentator “Zhongzuo” Zhang Zhaozhong, who is very much liked by the entire ACG circle, reached a strategic cooperation and played an innovative spirit, continuing to build a high-end talk program “Junwu Base Camp”. Set invites different heavyweight guests to cross-border discussions on various topics related to military culture. With its own powerful content production capabilities and forward-looking, it has also continued to expand the circle of military and military technology fans. Hundreds of thousands of subscribers and a wide range of fan communities have been harvested.

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