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Eating chicken tour coming soon? Jedi Escape to kill the gam

11-06 PUBG

Nearly half of the year the fire of eating chicken game more and more faint, faint then has become a universal game trend, various types of game list years of Tencent naturally will not be behind.

According to media reports, Tencent today a chicken eating game page has been officially open to the public, the domain name is very simple, is to eat chicken Pinyin: According to the countdown on the page, there are 3 days, that is, November 8, Tencent will officially announce the game.

Tencent Games

I believe a lot of players like "Jedi Survival: Escape" have been looking forward to, but after scanning the two-dimensional code on the page we found that this game is not a PC game, but a mobile game. But in fact, this is normal, the size of mobile games has now surpassed any other gaming platform, Tencent currently the hottest game, "King of Glory" is also a hand-game, and is also based on the PC game "League of Legends" developing.

So, in the face of the current fire chicken game, if Tencent no action, then it is not the style of Tencent it.

After all, how to eat chicken tour, please wait for November 8 Tencent official release of the message.

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